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The Wedding Book

I love weddings! Really! I love capturing all of the little moments ...

Updated: Nov 09, 2009 5:23pm PST

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Hi there!
Welcome to Lily's Hill website.
I've just moved to Newton, Massachusetts. I hope you'll find the site helpful and I welcome any feedback or questions via phone (207-227-2702) or by email at I have been working as a wedding photographer for eight years and favor wedding photojournalism to the more traditional posed approach to events. Please be sure to read my blog under the featured wedding album above to make sure our picture philosophies are a match if you are considering me for hire. I price all my packages reasonably and competively. Happy browsing!

Wedding Packages:

Engagement photo seating
6 hours of photography time day of event
50 4x6 quality prints
1 DVD slide-show
1 20 page book
1 11x13 quality print
uncopywritten printable DVD of all photos taken

Engagement photo seating
4 hours of photography used consecutively on day of event
25 4x6 quality prints
1 8x10 quality print
uncopywritten printable DVD of all photos taken

Portrait Packages:
With the exception of senior portraits, all sessions are not to exceed 1 hour whether on-location or in-studio. Seniors may choose two different sessions at locations mutually agreed upon between subject and photographer.

Seniors $300.00
20 4x6 quality prints in cardstock folders
1 8x10 quality print
uncopywritten printable DVD of all photos taken.

Families: $200.00
1 8x10 quality print
4 4x6 quality prints
8 wallets
uncopywritten printable DVD of all photos taken

One child: $100.00
1 8x10
uncopywritten printable DVD of all photos taken

Special requests are considered on case by case basis.

Good wishes, Nikki


The Wedding Book

I love weddings! Really! I love capturing all of the little moments ...

Updated: Nov 09, 2009 5:23pm PST

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